ESG Risk Management Solutions

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues impact so many critical links in the supply chain. But most ESG risks, like use of forced labor and environmental crimes, occur in upstream supplier tiers where visibility is murky. Until now.

Identify and mitigate ESG risks at all tiers.

To do good business, you have to go beyond just your business. Risk exposure multiplies at each tier within the supply chain. That’s why Exiger’s AI technology identifies and surfaces risk at every level.

Entity Level

Identify the corporate structure of entities, including subsidiaries and holding companies, to surface potential conflicts of interest, compliance issues, or financial instability that could impact supply chain integrity.


Dig deep into tiers with complex network analysis that uncovers hidden macro risks using entity and item level views to flag issues like non-compliance, use of forced labor and "forever chemicals", geopolitical and environmental risks that affect supply chain continuity and optimization.

Item Level

Assess and mitigate specific material and component risks, including conflict minerals, to ensure sustainability, quality and safety of your final product.

Illuminate your entire supply chain to protect against ESG risks

The 1Exiger platform provides the largest risk data network in the world alongside advanced supply chain mapping technology, award-winning AI and proprietary data.


Access insights from a vast breadth of supply chain relationships and risk data across sanctions, trade embargoes, enforcement, modern slavery, adverse media and more. 

Web sources


Supply chain records


Structured data sources

Our Products

Integrate ESG risk across your program

Exiger brings the most comprehensive and reliable sustainability score available to the market. Using our full data suite, associated risks and events receive a score and are continuously monitored. This gives you a real-time view into any potential issues that need review, mitigation or escalation.  

ESG Negative News

Open-source analytics collect, label, and assess negative events with over 100 ESG flags including modern slavery, labor violation, deforestation, pollution.

ESG Positive News

Open-source analytics collect, label, and assess positive information such as awards, certificates of quality and public statements regarding ESG goals.

Jurisdiction Risk

Leverages a social and environmental performance index to map the jurisdiction risk associated to a company's headquarters location and corporate family tree.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Screens entities against a database pulled from over 400 trusted sources, including government agencies, certification agencies, corporate registrations, and self-registrations.

Industry Risk

Includes more than 100 risk ratings for various industries evaluated differently from a social and environmental perspective.

ESG supply chain software

Tackle carbon emissions with supply chain transparency

Our partnership with leading climate technology firm Muir AI provides a robust environmental risk offering that empowers you to make faster business decisions to achieve net zero commitments. 

net zero emissions

Take control of sustainability & ESG risk in your supply chain

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