Brandon Daniels Joins Q&A at RelativityFest on Labor Trafficking Documentary

Relativity’s On the Merits docuseries carries forward this celebration of community. It looks at the role data plays in compelling current events that involve our customers, and how technology helps Relativity advance its mission to organize data, discover the truth, and act on it. This initiative grew out of one slide in the 2018 Relativity Fest keynote.

Two years ago, Exiger proposed a Fest session exploring how analytics can speed up reviews of communications networks, audio, and social platforms to help investigators move quickly on trafficking matters. “The ability to mine and quickly process all available structured and unstructured data,” read the abstract, “facilitates the process of finding red flags, ultimately helping to save lives.”

This 45-minute Relativity Fest session evolved into a 45-minute documentary spanning continents and fields of expertise. Data scientists, executives, labor experts, trafficking survivors, police and former FBI agents, former federal prosecutors, victim advocates, and supply chain experts were called upon to understand how trafficking works, how technology can help, how public and private data repositories can accelerate enforcement, and our roles—the storytellers and the viewers, the technologists and the users, the advocates and the informed—in mitigating the abuse. We are excited to present its premiere at this year’s RelativityFest.

On the Merits: Labor Trafficking
Film Screening and Q&A

October 27th | 11:45 AM-12:45 PM | Chicago, IL

More than a year in the making, the film looks at the role technology can play in human trafficking. What is the role technology plays in human trafficking. Does it enable traffickers? Can artificial intelligence be effective in thwarting human trafficking, most notably in complex supply chains? How can public and private data sources uncover patterns that indicate abuse? And what is the duty of corporations, of people, to respond to it?

Join us for a screening of On the Merits: Labor Trafficking followed by a Q&A with:

To learn more about this upcoming documentary, you can read this post on Relativity Blog.

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