From Stovepipes to Shared Insight: The New Model for Federal Supplier Risk Management

In the fifth installment of our Webinar Wednesday series, Exiger experts discuss where technology and collaboration can come together to make a shared risk insights platform across federal agencies into a reality.

Government acquisition programs have traditionally worked within stovepipes that lack the ability to easily share risk insights identified about their suppliers. The consequence is that other agencies also working with those suppliers are left vulnerable or open to compromise because they are not aware of risks surfaced by their counterparts.

The solution requires the right balance of technology and collaboration to bring acquisitions and supply chain risk management (SCRM) together with security and intelligence missions. This can be achieved by establishing a “trusted supplier” risk insight sharing platform that creates a SCRM common operational picture (COP) that could be leveraged government-wide.

In From Stovepipes to Shared Insight: The New Model for Federal Supplier Risk Management, Exiger’s supply chain technology and Federal experts will discuss the trusted supplier platform vision.

This webinar is ideal for Federal, Defense and Commercial professionals in the following areas:

  • Regulatory and compliance
  • Acquisitions and procurement
  • SCRM and risk management
  • Program management
  • Intelligence community

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  • A shared risk insight platform provides a COP for collaborative planning and combined execution to assist all federal organizations in achieving greater situational awareness
  • The benefits allow for onboarding vendors quickly, but more importantly, can alert other agencies of potential risks with shared vendors
  • SCRM managers can get the tools they need to engage their organizations and make the case for a shared risk insight platform


Carrie Wibben
President, Exiger Government Solutions Former Deputy Director, DCSA,
United States Department of Defense

Colin Supko
Vice President, Exiger Global Head of Government Growth

Brendan Galla
Exiger Chief Product Officer

About Exiger

Exiger is a leading global risk and compliance SaaS company working as a trusted partner with agencies to deliver supply chain risk management (SCRM) and third-party risk management (TPRM) enhanced capabilities. Learn more about Exiger’s $75 million contract awarded by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) to ensure all government agencies can share risk insights and consistently manage supplier risk and health across the U.S. Federal Government enterprise. Exiger recently acquired Supply Dynamics to create the first end to end supply chain visibility and supplier risk management solution.

Exiger Acquires Supply Dynamics to Create First End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility and Supplier Risk Management Solution

To meet the market need, we’re thrilled to announce Exiger’s acquisition of Supply Dynamics, the industry’s most sophisticated supply chain collaboration platform for tracking, tracing and choreographing the purchase and supply of subcontracted products, parts, raw materials and ingredients. 

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