Exiger Cares' 2017 Global Initiative: Step Up to Alzheimer's 


Exiger has been generating awareness and funds towards tackling Alzheimer’s Disease from the company's very start in 2014 – raising in excess of $80,000 thus far through individual, office-wide, and company-wide events. Every year, Exiger Cares organizes a global annual event to bring everyone together behind this cause and have fun while giving back to the community.

This year, we pledged to Step Up To Alzheimer's. And we did  collectively surpassing our goal and raising over $20,000 for the disease with a total of 164 people across all of our offices climbing from the bottom of the Mariana Trench to the peak of Mount Everest (19,842m. / 65,098 ft.) in 24 hours! 

Read on for details.

On November 16th, 2017, Exiger Stepped Up To Alzheimer’s by ascending, as an international group, the equivalent of 36,820m and nearly doubling our target. Each individual office climbed their region's most iconic structures for the initiative. Exiger's CEO pledged to donate $10,000, matched dollar for dollar by Exiger if we met our target for a total of $20,000. With every meter climbed equating to a dollar for Alzheimer’s, the donations will help local charities in each of our regions to provide hands-on treatment for Alzheimer’s patients and fund significant research to combat the illness.

Should you wish to make a personal donation, we have also set up pages for various Alzheimer’s charities in the locations below:


Exiger Cares' 2016: A Successful Trip Around the World in 60 Days (and then some!) for Alzheimer's disease

Click here to read about the 2015 Brainathon in partnership with Fit Brains by Rosetta Stone: Download Case Study

In total we walked 54,169,576 steps. This was enough to bring us to each office around the world...and one more trip from Silver Spring to NYC to London. These steps equated to $22,227 USD that we donated to Alzheimer’s charities in each region! Read on for details about Exiger Cares' 2016 initiative.

Kicking off during Alzheimer's Awareness Month in September 2016, we set out to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer's disease as a company while also encouraging ourselves to be active. Leading a healthy lifestyle is linked not only to reduced risk of Alzheimer's but also many other life threatening conditions. 

Together, we set the goal to travel around the world: “virtually” from one Exiger office to the next, starting and ending in Silver Spring. The journey was over 20,000 miles / 35,000 kilometers which is equal to 42,846,144 steps. We exceeded our goal and walked 54,169,576 steps! Our global offices and friends could log activity as often as possible, measuring it with Exiger pedometers or any gadget preferred! 

Our CEO, Michael Beber, and Exiger together pledged $1 per mile up to our total target of 20,288 miles which equaled $20,288. We raised more than our goal - $22,227. This money was set to go to local charities in each of our regions and would provide hands-on support to Alzheimer’s patients as well as carry out invaluable research to combat the illness.


Please see below for results from our first initiative: the ExigerCares’ 2015 Brainathon to raise funds and awareness in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

About Exiger Cares

Communities Matter: Joining the Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease

We believe that corporate responsibility extends well beyond our office walls and into the communities where our employees, clients and partners live and work. That’s why we established Exiger Cares – to foster the strong culture of public good that is fundamental to both our professional and personal lives. Exiger Cares facilitates strong corporate citizenship, strategic philanthropic partnership and employee volunteerism.

Our flagship initiative is the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. A progressive disease that destroys memory and other important cognitive functions, Alzheimer’s disease affects more than 35 million people worldwide and is the sixth-leading cause of death in the US, where its care costs are predicted to rise from $200 billion in 2012 to $1.1 trillion by 2050. The disease is the only one of the global top-ten leading causes of death that cannot currently be treated, prevented or slowed, and while mortality from breast cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, stroke and HIV declined by between 3 and 29% between 2000 and 2008, Alzheimer’s disease mortality increased by 66% during that same time period.

Through Exiger Cares, we will promote scientific research, and lead charitable and educational initiatives in order to improve the lives of individuals and their families affected by Alzheimer’s disease. 

Exiger Cares’ 2015 Brainathon Results

The Exiger Cares 2015 Brainathon was a great success. With our efforts along with donations from friends, family and colleagues, the Exiger Cares team reached 135% of our goal. With an additional $10,000 contribution from Exiger for meeting our fundraising target and attaining 100% company participation, our total funds raised amounted to almost $35,000 towards the fight against Alzheimer's disease. Final team results can be found here

About the 2015 Brainathon

Exiger employees committed to complete 18,000 minutes of brain training from September 14th through October 30th, 2015.  These minutes of brain training resulted in our pledge of $18,000 USD (one dollar per minute), equating to five weeks of full-time health aid care for a patient with Alzheimer’s disease*.

All funds raised went to support the Alzheimer’s Association of America in the US, Alzheimer’s Society in the UK and the Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Disease Association.

We also encouraged our contacts to join us in our Brainathon! All participants could sign up to the Fit Brains app and participate, brain training on the app and sending a screenshot of their FitBrains Index score on the last day. We heightened the stakes with prizes in brain training and fundraising categories. Kevin Durbin (Exiger Diligence, Silver Spring) won for the overall Highest Fit Brains Score while Michaela D'Acchille won for the Highest Fit Brains Score (Outside of Exiger Professionals). Not only did both significantly improve their brain health, but they also won a one-of-a-kind Exiger Cares branded gift, Nike ID sneakers!  We also had winners in other categories: Akane Kokubo (Exiger, New York) for Most Dollar Amount Raised and Laura Tulchin (Exiger, New York) for Most Number of Donations.

*Source: Genworth 2015 Cost of Care Survey. 

Thank you to everyone who is supporting us with the fight against Alzheimer’s disease! If you’re interested in learning more or would like to get involved in our other intiatives, please email exigercares@exiger.com and check in here as the program develops.