Vendor & Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management

Your vendor's risk is your risk.

Attacks can occur at every link in a typical software supply chain, and these kinds of attacks are increasingly public, disruptive, and costly. Being able to see all levels of vulnerability within the supply chain — especially cyber risks — is critical to the success of your business.


With our recent acquisition of Ion Channel, Exiger is the first and only technology company to illuminate every dimension of the supply chain, such as third-party suppliers, vendors, physical products, and software, including SBOM analysis.


Defining Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM)

C-SCRM focuses on identifying suppliers, hardware and software in an organization’s ecosystem, then assessing their dependencies, and mitigating the vulnerabilities among them.


A growing list of U.S. federal regulations, like EO 14028, require agencies and the companies supporting them to improve their software vetting capabilities.


A key challenge in C-SCRM is knowing where to start. With hundreds of types of software, thousands of suppliers and tens of thousands of pieces of hardware, it’s hard to identify where to make a meaningful, measurable reduction in cyber risk within the supply chain.

“C-SCRM involves identifying, assessing and mitigating the risks associated with the distributed and interconnected nature of IT/OT product and service supply chains.

It covers the entire life cycle of a system (including design, development, distribution, deployment, acquisition, maintenance and destruction) as supply chain threats and vulnerabilities may intentionally or unintentionally compromise an IT/OT product or service at any stage.”

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Addressing Cyber Vulnerabilities in Your Supplier Ecosystem

An effective risk management program depends on knowing the cyber risk that a critical third party presents to your organization’s systems. To assess supply chain risk, organizations need information from — and about — each link in the chain, including software.


Complex interdependencies make it nearly impossible to ensure the security of all components and contributors to supply chain. There are several challenges: Using tools that only assess “known vulnerabilities” will miss key supply chain risk events. It is inadequate to only identify the hidden risks that lurk when you inherit, purchase or outsource software capabilities. Another major source of unknown risks is open source software, which, on average, accounts for 75% of codebases.


Third-party exposure is not your fault, but it is your problem.

“From entities to software to raw materials, Exiger’s technology now covers all potential product risk so our customers can regain control of their supply chains”

Brandon Daniels

CEO Exiger
Holistic view

A Holistic View of C-SCRM Is Needed

Truly managing risk requires an understanding of the suppliers, ecosystem and products.

Supplier Risk

  • Poor maintenance 
  • Single point of failure
  • Geopolitical risk
  • Adversarial control

Code Risk

  • Prohibited components

  • Technical debt

  • Software vulnerabilities

  • Compromised tool chain

  • Counterfeit risk

  • Undeclared package or container inclusions

Ecosystem Risk

  • Dubious provenance

  • Abandoned code

  • Components transferred to new entities 

  • Geographic concentration

  • Time to remediation

Operational Risk

  • Integration/interoperability
  • Supply chain fragility
  • End-of-life
  • License risk

Illuminate Cyber Risk in Your Entire Supply Chain

Exiger offers a systematic identification of cyber risks to and through the supply chain, prioritization of potential impact analysis, illumination of ecosystem and continuous monitoring of risk exposure. Capabilities encompass the security trust architecture, digital supply chain and cyber-physical systems:


  • Product provenance
  • Third-party prioritization
  • Resilient ecosystem design


You can also easily monitor risk over time to ensure continuity and compliance with mandates like Executive Order 14028, CISA’s Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) guidance, CMMC, PCI SSC, and NIST.

The Exiger FedRAMP SaaS Platform

The technology is built on our experience uncovering risk in business relationships and understanding the core risk factors that might make a particular software, hardware or service untrustworthy – months in advance of known vulnerabilities.

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Exiger Cyber Solutions Help You:​

Manage, recognize, surface and mitigate cyber risk with real-time threat and vulnerability analysis

Conduct third, fourth, and fifth-party cyber risk assessments across IT vendor hardware and software supply chains

Continuously monitor for cyber risk and auto-generate alerts and breach flags

Explore identified risks with unique data sets and visualizations

Identify and detect where you need to mitigate first and fast

Streamlined workflow management and automated questionnaire capabilities

Supply Chain Explorer

Single-Click Supply Chain Due Diligence

Ion Channel

Enrich Software Inventories, Manifests and SBOMs with Supply Chain Intelligence and Proprietary Analytics

DDIQ Analytics

Organize, Scrutinize, Visualize & Operationalize Risk Information

Insight 3PM

Power your Onboarding Program with Exiger’s Risk Management Workflow Technology

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