Activate Data to Tackle Today’s Biggest Supply Chain Risk Challenges


Today, supply chain disruptions can emerge from anywhere. Even a seemingly small interruption can have a cascading effect that triggers havoc in the entire supplier ecosystem.


This webinar, Turning Data into Action: Tackling Today’s Biggest Supply Chain Risk Challenges, equips you with practical ways to stay ahead of potential threats and build resilience. The presentation is a collaboration between Exiger and


Here’s what you’ll gain by watching the recording:


  • Comprehensive data collection: Learn how’s News API can provide a real-time advantage on global events impacting your supply chain.
  • Uncovering hidden risks: Exiger’s award-winning technology empowers you to proactively identify potential disruptions by probing the seven dimensions of supply chain risk.
  • Risk management platform demo: Watch how to detect real-time global risks beyond traditional watchlists, with a demo of the 1Exiger platform. This demo will show you how to take control and build a more resilient supply chain.


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