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Anti-Trust Litigation

The bank and their outside counsel needed to assess almost 15 million internal communications after facing allegations of price fixing.

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A large multinational bank faced litigation concerning allegations of price fixing in the bond market. The bank and their outside counsel needed to assess communications among the individuals named in the allegations in order to comply with document production requests, evaluate the litigation claims against the bank, and support the legal defense.

The production request spanned data sources that included almost 15 million emails, attachments, and chat transcripts. The communications included syntax and language unique to traders that required both industry subject matter expertise and creative eDiscovery methodologies to understand.

All responsive documents identified required privilege review prior to production to the requesting party.


Exiger culled the collected data by almost 90% prior to review by utilizing traditional culling methodologies combined with advanced analytics tools.

Our subject matter experts executed a review workplan that included early assessment of the document set using analytics, technology assisted review (TAR) implemented via NexLP’s COSMIC modeling, and our proven QC processes.

We then performed a privilege review of responsive documents using advanced searches and modeling, supplemented by direct review by senior personnel and counsel.


By successfuly meeting the document production requirements, we helped our client comply with the short timeline of the litigation. Our work facilitated rapid settlement of the matter on terms favorable to our client.

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