The integrity of software supply chains is crucial, so deploying risk management best practices is not a luxury — it’s a necessity. Watch this discussion on the need for joining risk mitigation with monitoring, and learn about a playbook approach that helps industry leaders excel in product assurance.



  • Carrie Wibben, President – Exiger
  • JC Herz, SVP Cyber Supply Chain – Exiger
  • Cassie Crossley, VP Supply Chain Security – Schneider Electric, and author of the new book Software Supply Chain Security


Gain insights on how to navigate the challenges that intersect cybersecurity, software assurance, and supply chain risk. The session is crafted for CISOs, supply chain/product security professionals, and cybersecurity experts in private industry and government who want to stay ahead of the curve in protecting their operations from unseen threats.


The discussion covers:

  • Proactive risk management in your software supply chains
  • Exiger’s Supply Chain Product Assurance Playbook that goes beyond just identifying risks, but deciding where to mitigate and where to monitor
  • How to go beyond compliance toward a more secure, resilient software supply chain


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