In healthcare delivery, the menace of PFAS looms large, hidden yet everywhere. These “forever chemicals” thread through supply chains with a persistence that defies management or mitigation — until now.


Forever Chemicals in the Flow of Healthcare Delivery is Exiger’s expert webinar designed for those who manage healthcare, government, and medtech supply chains and are ready to confront the risks of PFAS.



  • Theresa Campobasso – SVP of Strategy, Government Solutions at Exiger
  • Shannon Lantzy – President, Shannon Lantzy LLC
  • Thomas Deeb – VP of T&M Associates


Watch this webinar to gain insights on navigating challenges that include supplier risk, a lack of PFAS alternatives, and regulatory pressures. The discussion also covers:


  • Gaining visibility into supply chains to find PFAS risk through supply chain mapping technology
  • Understanding the concentration of supplier risk
  • Accelerating research into PFAS alternatives that can be introduced into supply chains


Take the step toward a supply chain that’s more ethically sound and environmentally safe.


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