Cotton Under Pressure: Supply Issues Clash with Global Demand

Why the white fluff can be a red flag for supply chains


Pressures on the global cotton supply mean that many businesses — not just those in textiles and apparel — must watch for associated risks in their supply chains.



  • Violations of forced labor regulations in cotton harvesting can disrupt shipments.
  • Demand is rising for sustainably grown cotton.
  • Extreme weather events in some countries could eradicate supply.



All these stressors highlight the need for visibility into global supply chains that are exposed to risks related to cotton.


Our report, Cotton Under Pressure: Supply Chain Issues Clash with Global Demand, looks at market forces today and the restrictions that weigh on both suppliers and business customers.


Improving visibility and monitoring of all levels of the supply chain — which are also covered in the report — can help you not only be compliant but thrive in today’s complex market.

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