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New York Branch of Major Taiwanese Bank

A bank facing regulatory pressure leaned on Exiger’s experts to implement an enhanced customer risk rating model.

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To meet regulatory criticisms and implement an enhanced customer risk rating model, this client needed to modify a risk rating methodology not suited to their business model to fit not only their business model but also a highly idiosyncratic KYC system.  The methodology enhancements required the application of expert advice in customer risk rating, while the implementation process required scaling and normalizing five scorecards with distinct scoring ranges and risk rating bands to meet the implementation needs of an existing KYC system.


Exiger provided the advisory and technical expertise to modify the existing customer risk rating methodology and scoring models to fit both industry expectations and their KYC system’s limitations.


The client was able to bring the enhanced customer risk rating
process into implementation and production faster and more
efficiently due to our coordinated application of risk rating expertise,
analytic skills and deep knowledge of KYC systems operations.

Unique combination of compliance, data analytics and compliance systems design expertise


Transformed a highly idiosyncratic legacy process into an explainable BAU process



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