With supply chain risks abounding, extra visibility into potential problems could stand manufacturers in good stead –– especially those with complex supply chains

IDC vice president of supply chain and manufacturing Simon Ellis spoke with CSOOnline.com, and said that the notable advance made by Exiger’s Supply Chain Explorer platform is its purported “data-agnostic” nature. Where many such systems track a pre-set array of data sources, the Supply Chain Explorer can be configured to track customized information sets.

“They’re pulling information from anywhere and everywhere and putting it into a dashboard that folks can use to make decisions,” he says. “We’ve been talking about integrating weather data into the supply chain for a long time, so if we know there’s a forecast for a typhoon in the Pacific, and it’s going to interrupt the journey of a container ship, it can help you understand the effects of it being late.”

Simon Ellis, IDC Vice President of Supply Chain and Manufacturing

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