Exiger Applies Its Own Sanctions Against Russia

Exiger CEO Michael Cherkasky denounces the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Today marks an end of the international system of behavior between countries that has been in place since the end of World War 2 in 1945. Russia has invaded Ukraine and is using all of modern warfare, kinetic and non-kinetic, Drones, tanks and foot soldiers, cyber and explosives; all but nuclear arms to seek control of Ukraine, a country of over 47,000,000 human beings.

Russia and the soulless, fascist, autocrat Putin are doing this regardless of treaties, international law and respect for human life. He is doing this because he thinks he can. Because in his mind and the mind of his political circle ‘might makes right’. Because no one will stop him. The costs in lost life, misery and suffering will be almost incalculably enormous.

Exiger was built for a purpose: to make the world a safer place. Russian action today makes the world much, much more dangerous.

Each of us has a choice and Exiger has a choice. We can either decide to go on with business as usual, as the world’s democracies did after Germany’s annexation of parts of Czechoslovakia in 1938, and the United States did after Germany and Russia invaded Poland in September of 1939. Or, we can say ‘this is not business as usual; this is not acceptable,’ and stand with the free people of the world in denouncing and taking whatever action we each can to oppose Russia’s actions.

Exiger says ‘No’ to Russia and Putin. We must denounce and oppose Russia’s actions.

Today, Exiger will apply its own sanctions against Russia.

We will not work for the Russian Government nor for Russian corporations, or Russian business interests that do not oppose this unlawful invasion. Exiger will continue to work for the United States and its Allied Partners; support our clients by identifying risk exposures lurking in their supply chains and helping them protect their countries, economies and citizens; and opposing and punishing Russia until they retreat.

Today, as CEO, I denounce the killing of potentially hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of Ukrainians for the crime of seeking to be free to choose their own path.

Exiger has a purpose and will stand TALL for that purpose. We stand Tall with colleagues who have family in Ukraine. We stand Tall with Romania and our Colleagues in Bucharest.

We will fight against this menace. Exiger will not retreat.

Please stay safe in these turbulent times.

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