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Exiger Examines Podcast: Anti-Corruption in 2020

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An estimated 90 million people across Latin America said they had to pay a bribe to a public official at least once in the last year, according to Transparency International.

The Exiger Examines podcast wades into the volatile world of current anti-corruption efforts in Latin America, what one country and the FBI are doing about it, and how companies are using technology to beef up their anti-corruption programs in 2020 and beyond.

Hear about current compliance and investigative challenges that impact private and public sector actors along with how forward thinking leaders are tackling these challenges.

This podcast spotlights Argentina’s former Anti Corruption Chief Laura Alonso and features:

  • Ren McEachern – Former squad supervisor of the FBI’s FCPA squad in Washington DC and a current Managing Director at Exiger
  • Brandon Daniels – President, Global Markets at Exiger

 Moderated by Daniel R. Alonso

This podcast was recorded in November 2019

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