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Exiger conducted an internal investigation for a hedge fund after they self-reported a rogue trader.

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A fixed income hedge fund discovered a rogue trader manipulating the value of his positions in order to inflate his own commissions. After the hedge fund self-reported, the SEC directed the fund to conduct an internal investigation to determine the full nature and extent of the fraud.


Investigating the depth and breadth of the misconduct required the analysis of 7.5 million documents, consisting primarily of emails and Bloomberg chats. Investigative findings had to be delivered on a tight timeline in order to fulfill the SEC request.


Exiger employed an AI-driven approach to the investigation, leveraging multiple advanced analytics tools in an integrated strategy. Using a lean team of highly-skilled experts, Exiger completed the investigation within the SEC’s aggressive timeline. Our findings were presented to the SEC and accepted without challenge, ensuring the best possible outcome for the client.

Key Metrics

Million Documents



Project Budget


Saved client significant time and money

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