Exiger Provides Due Diligence for Transparency International’s 2020 Anti-Corruption Award

Exiger is proud to support Transparency International‘s 2020 Anti-Corruption Award, which recognizes the courage and determination of the many individuals & organizations fighting corruption around the world. Our due diligence researchers utilized their global public records expertise, combined with DDIQ’s AI-powered automated due diligence platform, to provide Transparency International with independent assurance that the individuals who made it onto the award shortlist do not pose corruption, human rights and/or other reputational risks. 

The award was presented at a ceremony held virtually at the19th  International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) on the 2nd of December, where Transparency International announced that whistleblower Botakoz Kopbayeva (Kazakhstan), and journalist Zaki Daryabi/Etilaat Roz Newspaper (Afghanistan) have been selected as winners. We at Exiger offer our congratulations them for their courage, dedication and determination in the struggle to investigate, expose and challenge corruption.

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