FCPA Report: ExigerTech President Brandon Daniels Interviewed for ‘Thinking Outside the Box: Examining the Growing Trend of Compliance Outsourcing’

ExigerTech President Brandon Daniels quoted in a 2015 FCPA Report interview on how perspectives on compliance are changing in light of regulatory enforcement.

“In response to increasing anti-corruption enforcement, there has been a “substantial shift” in how companies view their compliance activities, said Brandon Daniels, president of managed services at the Clutch Group. Companies are looking at how to perform old tasks in new, more effective ways, and also engaging in new and enhanced compliance-related activities. “Companies are not only replacing some of what the compliance manager used to do five years ago, or two years ago even, but they’re also adding and creating an additional layer of analysis,” he explained.”

The full interview can be found on the FCPA Report.

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