Get Key Insights to Tackle Child Labor in Your Supply Chain

Understanding the problem of child labor and addressing it in supply chains is not just a moral imperative but a strategic necessity. With threats hidden in lower tiers of the supply chain, significant time and cost may go into investigative activities that have little material impact on reducing or mitigating the risks faced by children and families, and thus companies and investors.


As the strategic technology partner of Slave-Free Alliance, Exiger presents this on-demand webinar, Child Labor in the Supply Chain, that examines the scope of the problem, consequences for businesses that don’t mitigate the risk, and actionable strategies for supply chain mapping as well as collaboration on data collections and analysis.


Why Watch this On-Demand Webinar?


  • In-depth analysis of child labor: Uncover the complexities of child labor, including its varying definitions and the fine line between acceptable and exploitative child work.
  • Technological solutions and strategies: Learn how supply chain mapping and AI-driven screening can help identify risks and implement effective due diligence in supply chains.
  • Practical takeaways: Gain advice and insights on establishing policies, increasing awareness and fostering collaboration to tackle this challenge effectively.


Whether you’re a business leader, supply chain manager or an advocate for ethical practices, this on-demand webinar is an essential resource. Gain a deeper understanding of child labor in supply chains and learn how to take meaningful action towards creating a more ethical and responsible business environment.


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