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Global Mobile Payment Services Company

A global mobile payment services operator needed to harmonize AML program operations with Group and between multiple in-country operations in a manner consistent with both industry standards and local regulatory

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The parent of multiple in-country mobile payment services providers needed to align local market regulatory expectations and in-country operations with global AML program standards and operating requirements.


Exiger developed an enterprise-wide AML program framework and then worked with a number of in-country operations to align their business controls and AML program operations with both Group standards and local regulatory expectations.


The parent was able to represent to key regulatory and law enforcement stakeholders that their in-country operations were aligned with Group standards and the regulatory expectations of the headquarter country, while in-country operations were able to present their local regulators with evidence of not only local compliance but also alignment with Group standards.

Performed onsite compliance program reviews at HQ and in 5 Central American countries


Developed an integrated local market and Group governance framework

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