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Due to a change in customer risk rating model, the client was unable to manage the volume increase of high risk files for review and suffered significant quality challenges. Regulatory guidance mandating risk-based reviews on a periodic basis compelled the Bank to perform KYC due diligence on a significantly larger portion of high risk customers with an inability to devote sufficient resources to meet periodic review deadlines.


Exiger was retained for three years to conduct a KYC refresh review across the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific on 10,000+ high risk customer files with a team of over 100 analysts and quality team leaders dedicated to the Bank globally.

Exiger quickly staffed a highly experienced team, trained and ready to handle the client’s peak volume periods on an on-going basis. Exiger’s dedicated team was able to augment the Bank’s staff, ensure file completeness, deliver at the highest levels of quality, and complete the  file reviews on time.


Exiger significantly exceeded the client’s required productivity levels, doubling the number of files expected to be reviewed daily while significantly reducing the quality control return rate of the files, ensuring highest levels of quality and file completeness.


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