How the SolarWinds Cybersecurity Breach Weaponized a Software Designed to Protect Us

How did a “supply chain attack” breach and weaponize SolarWinds?

In late 2019, perpetrators of one of the most pervasive cyber attacks in history gained access to SolarWinds systems. The hackers executed a sophisticated hacking technique called a “supply chain attack.”

The immediate impact? The supply chain attack affected over 33,000 clients, from large corporations to multiple U.S. federal agencies. This put them all at risk because of an unknown threat lurking deep within their supply chain . . . and we’re still learning about the full scope. Was this an isolated instance, or could other risks be lurking in our global supply chains?

This cybersecurity breach brought renewed attention to supply chain risk management (SCRM) in our critical infrastructure. More importantly, this cyber breach demonstrated the urgent need for cyber risk management and supply chain risk management measures.

This white paper reviews the critical evolution of supply chain risk management and gives expert guidance on the top 3 things companies & government agencies must do moving forward to prevent future supply chain attacks.

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