How to Build Resilience to Open-Source Software Supply Chain Risks

11 key components for supply chain cybersecurity


Lack of visibility and control over open-source and proprietary third-party software suppliers can make managing your software supply chain risks feel like a game of Whack-a-Mole.


And since software ages like milk — not fine wine — it doesn’t take long for relatively new systems with aging software components to become brittle and expensive to refactor. As new risks in the supply chain emerge, waiting longer makes those risks more expensive to remediate.


Enterprises must define and enforce actionable supply chain criteria for software running on their infrastructure – from vendors and contractors as well as internally developed code – and make sure that these criteria are continuously monitored and enforced.


This guide on how to Build Resilience to Inevitable Open-Source Software Supply Chain Risks details the basic concepts that can help you improve risk management in your software supply chain.


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