Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Illuminate Supply Chain Risk

There is no better exemplar of ‘mission critical’ than our collective response to the COVID-19 crisis. Specifically, to ensure appropriate medical equipment and supplies are available and efficiently distributed where they are needed most—and in time to save lives. To help mitigate the risk of high vulnerability to fraud, abuse, and adversarial exploitation, supply chain illumination must be conducted to holistically screen and vet the vendors and underlying supplier networks, ensuring these medical suppliers are reputable, financially secure, operationally reliable, not susceptible to undue corrupt influence, and will not introduce unacceptable risk or in any way compromise the fight against COVID-19. Delivering this kind of solution is a privilege when it matters more than ever—making the world a better and safer place to do business during a most critical time of need with life saving impact. 

COVID-19 Amplifies Our Need for SCRM Protection

The Department of Defense (DOD) and the Intelligence Community (IC) are at a fulcrum…requires an enterprise, data-driven, commercial technology solution that enables the warfighter to tackle these challenges at speed and scale [DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER FOR FULL TEXT]

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  • How DDIQ’s Award-Winning AI is Illuminating Supply Chain Risk
  • SCRM in Industrial Health (Case Study)
  • Adversarial Finance in Supply Chains (Case Study)


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Mission Tailored Data & Analytics for Critical Supplier Illumination & Vetting

The Exiger Solution is designed to dynamically and continuously assess supplier risk across supply chains to inform measured and defensible acquisition decisions while strengthening Industrial health and resilience to meet defense strategic priorities and warfighter needs.

Ongoing gathering and analysis of information related to a vendor and associated supply chain network enables the continuous detection, response, mitigation, and recovery from this vast array of foreign adversary threat vectors.

Exiger’s solution combines DDIQ, which harnesses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify, validate, and analyze risk indicators on a global scale, along with a custom layer for visual analytics. This solution results in significantly amplified insights, a more complete and continuously monitored common operating picture (COP), and reliable near real-time situational awareness. By using cognitive technologies, Exiger’s DDIQ enables an analyst to significantly accelerate the information search process, conduct automated checks continuously on data reliability, and analyze the results with pre-built risk indicators and known adversary threat vectors.

By aggregating both structured and unstructured data from thousands of sources on a continuous basis, this solution requires no pre-processing for assessing and combining datasets. It promotes high-speed, near real-time data ingest, analysis, and visualization that is highly scalable and tailorable for various user workflows.

Deep Expertise & Proven Purpose-Built Technology for Supply Chain Resilience

Exiger can augment the warfighter and enable uncompromised delivery capabilities by driving a risk-based approach to supply chain vulnerabilities, target intelligence, and dynamic threat triage, by:

  • Utilizing machine-driven processes to continuously ingest, normalize and link vast datasets;
  • Identifying and characterizing data according to the mission;
  • Combining data elements to expose latent risk or confirm explicit risk;
  • Compiling and continuously analyzing a complete picture of risk vectors and associated actors;
  • Identifying reliable and uncompromised supply chain partners for investment…

The result is broad-scope, high-value intelligence delivered rapidly at a lower cost that makes the world a safer place to do business [DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER FOR FULL TEXT]


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