In an era of unprecedented supply chain disruptions, what are the key factors that will guide decision-making for risk and supply chain professionals in 2024?


Discover six major themes that will shape supply chain resilience in this new report, Supply Chain Resilience: 6 Factors to Watch for in 2024. Crafted by industry experts at Exiger, the report delves into critical areas like AI, geopolitical risks, and sustainability in global supply ecosystems.


Equip yourself with insights and strategies to navigate complex challenges, including:


  • How AI will give supply chain digital twins a more predictive capability
  • Why aggregating critical data on common materials across the supply chain can thwart supply imbalances
  • An approach to improve accuracy in reporting carbon emissions in supply chains


This essential guide will help you navigate the evolving landscape of supply chain risk management in 2024. Complete the form below to get the report today.

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