My Exiger Experience: Claudia von Hillebrandt, Marketing Associate

Claudia von Hillebrandt is a Marketing Associate within our Marketing and Growth department. She is also a fan of the film Xanadu,  singing Kate Bush songs at karaoke, and anything & everything Jeff Goldblum. Read on for Claudia’s Exiger Experience.

Why Exiger Works for Me

  • The opportunity: I joined Exiger almost two years ago because I wanted a change of pace from freelance design and wanted to dedicate myself to one brand. I was (and still very much am!) excited to continue learning how to grow the global compliance industry – especially as Exiger is utilizing technology and expertise to create a more transparent economy.
  • The experience: Marketing Associate is an umbrella term for making Exiger look good! I design decks and e-mails, create graphics and icons, handle social media graphics, compile relevant materials for conferences and events, and (believe it or not) more. 
  • Looking ahead: Designing for a brand that evolves at such a quick pace motivates me to create work that anticipates change. I look forward to working with Exiger as we expand our capabilities and roster of experienced professionals.

Opportunities at Exiger

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