My Exiger Experience: Isabela Galeano, Wintern

Isabela Galeano joined us at Exiger this past January as a part of WiTNY’s Winternship program, in which companies provide real life experience to young women interested in developing a career in the tech industry. In the course of three weeks, we got to know her better as she and four other candidates learned about our business and completed a project on Data Analytics. 

Why Exiger Works for Me

  • The opportunity: I signed up for the Winternship program with a main goal in mind: to come out of my comfort zone. I choose to live by the idea that great things never come from comfort zones. This would be my first experience working in an office setting let alone an internship. The unfamiliarity of it all scared me, but that alone was exciting, as this opportunity meant that I would be thrown into a new environment that I can learn and grow from. It would allow me to gain more experience working with others with an end goal in mind.
  • The experience: My four fellow interns and I have been using Python to analyze and visualize data regarding financial crime and various sectors in a global aspect. Throughout this experience at Exiger we have met with numerous professionals, and through these experiences we have learned many important lessons regarding professionalism, work ethic, and life itself. The most important lesson that I have learned from this experience is to remain resilient in the face of adversity and to trust the process. I may have uncertainties as to what exactly I want to do in my future but as long as I have the willpower I can get through anything.
  • Looking ahead: I am constantly inspired by individuals that continue to crave more in life and constantly work to better themselves every day; individuals that “bet on themselves,” and don’t fear to stray from the norm. I am excited moving forward because of all the possibilities in the future. I’m looking forward to continuing to pursue the endeavors that frighten me at first: opportunities that allow me to challenge myself and achieve things that I once never thought possible in order to grow.

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