My Exiger Experience: Jasmine Brantley, Office Administrator

Monday, February 4, 2019

Jasmine Brantley is Exiger's Office Administrator in Silver Spring, MD (DC Metro). Also a former gymnast, wine lover, expert selfie taker, and weight lifter. Read on for Jasmine's Exiger Experience.

Why Exiger Works for Me

  • The opportunity: I joined Exiger to learn of new and interesting opportunities in my Criminal Justice and Sociology major and to have the chance to level up my first job out of college. Since I started here, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. The level of respect and genuineness from others here makes me want to go above and beyond in my job.
  • The experience: I am the "wonderful Office Administrator" - helping out wherever I can.
  • Looking ahead: Having approval from my managers and colleagues to move into a Research position excites me. Everyone here is so supportive and believes in what I can do. That pushes me to work on new strategies and policies to help everyone feel and work positively. 

Opportunities at Exiger

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