Pharma Supply Chain Mapping for the Government


A federal agency needed a reliable solution to track the origins of pharmaceuticals and ingredients in their supply chain.

Specifically, there was a need to be able to identify, monitor, assess, and mitigate security risks and potential disruptions within and outside the federal agency supply chain.

Our customer’s business requirements were to:

  • Identify security risks in the pharmaceutical supply chain.
  • Catalog what ingredients are going into relevant drugs.
  • Capture where ingredients are coming / being sourced from.
  • Create custom reports to share with policymakers, other government agencies, taxpayers, etc.
  • Ensure compliance with Trade Agreements Act through identification of Countries of Origin.


Phase 1
  • Mapped the supply chain for a sample of drugs in the FDA’s list of Essential Medicines across many Medical Countermeasures categories generated using data from non-controlled, public sources only.
  • Built a dashboard to display key items like the origin of active ingredients, the final site(s) of formulation, and bill of materials for NDCs.

Phase 2

  • Enhanced the solution by working together with the client to ensure all business use cases / improvements are being met.
  • Achieved FedRAMP certification to accommodate the client’s sensitive data in the platform.
  • Mapped supply chains for entirety of FDA Essential Medicines list.


  • 50,000+ pharmaceuticals are currently being monitored by the federal agency.
  • 81% of all tracked drugs have been identified by their country of origin or formulation.
  • Identified the origin of 73% of drugs deemed as essential for the United States by the FDA.
  • Enhanced transparency into the global pharmaceutical supply chain.
    • When the conflict in Israel broke out, federal agency was able to immediately identify close to 700 drugs that were manufactured in the country, about 200 of which were on the FDA Essential Medicines list.
  • Generated risk assessments on suppliers to make insights actionable to achieve supply chain resiliency.
    • The federal agency analyzed the supply chain for critical drugs and provided a Congressional Report about the reliance on outsourced pharmaceutical suppliers using data compiled in Exiger’s ExploreRx platform.

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