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Podcast & Audio Transcript – ABA/ABA Financial Crimes Enforcement

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Mark Kaplan, Chief Operating Officer of Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. and Brandon Daniels, Exiger President of Global Markets, discuss how technology is elevating the standard for compliance. 

Cantor Fitzgerald, a pre-eminent financial services firm at the forefront of technological innovation, has adopted Exiger DDIQ’s cutting-edge AI platform to automate their KYC onboarding processes.

According to Mark, the utilization of DDIQ’s AI-driven technology is a ‘competitive differentiator’ to their client experience: despite increased regulatory scrutiny, it enables compliance teams to be more efficient, effective, consistent, compliant and comprehensive – without increasing cost.

Tune in to hear how:

  • AI is transforming the client onboarding process for financial institutions today, reducing the operational costs associated with know your customer (KYC) compliance
  • Advances in AI and automation are adding value to both the client experience and an analysts’ ability to focus on uncovering risk vs. information gathering
  • Compliance can be more efficient and cost effective by using explainable AI to reduce the operational risk associated with false positives while complying with regulatory demands

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