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Shanti Salas on Cyber Due Diligence in Lawyer Monthly

The introduction of the ‘right to be forgotten’ has created challenges for businesses and regulatory authorities who attempt to root out corruption and money laundering by limiting their ability to engage in thorough due diligence processes, argues Shanti Salas, Vice President, Strategy, at Exiger Diligence in the US.

Speaking to Lawyer Monthly, Shanti explains that removing unflattering content from the internet has an impact on investigators ability to carry out online due diligence – often a necessary first step in the due diligence process – when seeking to understand the reputation of businesses and individuals involved in transactions. “[the right to be forgotten] creates real challenges—not only for due diligence investigators who rely on web-based search tools as a first line of screening for exactly this type of information, but also for the growing ecosystem of automated investigative technologies that use search engines.”

Read the full article here.

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