Supply Chain Risk Management Solution Overview by Spend Matters

New Vendor Analysis provides detailed overview of Exiger

In this 18-page analysis, Spend Matters gives an overview of Exiger’s comprehensive risk assessment platform, 1Exiger, which encompasses key risk dimensions — such as foreign ownership, control or influence, operational, financial health, ESG, cyber, reputational, criminal, regulatory, and product risk — within the supply chain.
Disruption is the new normal. In today’s business climate, organizations need to embed risk management into their practices as they face increasing disruptions that impact supply and raise costs. Exiger enables customers to cover a range of use cases, from risk detection and mitigation to multi-tier supply chain mapping, material price benchmarking, reporting, and compliance with increasing regulations.
1Exiger platform capabilities include:
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessments
  • Enhanced Visibility and Data Accuracy
  • Configurable Deployment Options
  • Strategic Forecasting

Download the report today for the Spend Matters comprehensive overview of 1Exiger.

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