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Theranos: Ongoing v. Point in Time Due Diligence with Brandon Daniels

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Tom Fox interviews Brandon Daniels, President of Exiger, for an episode of the FCPA Compliance Report. Brandon is a long-time favorite on the FCPA Compliance Report, and he always brings a unique perspective to a variety of compliance topics. In this episode, they look at the Theranos case from a very different angle than the criminal fraud trial of Elizabeth Holmes, and consider the due diligence lessons.

Podcast is also available on iTunes and the Compliance Podcast Network.

Highlights of this podcast include:

  1. What is the difference between ongoing due diligence v. point in time due diligence?
  2. How does Due Diligence (DD) on potential investments different (or not) from DD on other types of 3rd parties?
  3. What areas should you look at in DD of potential business partners/investments?
  4. How do you perform DD on leaders or senior management of potential business partners/investments?
  5. What should people or skill sets be on your DD team? For instance, would you suggest being on a DD team to evaluate Theranos?
  6. How do you evaluate the risk, or are you simply trying to ID red flags?
  7. Does DD provide insight into the leader of potential business partners/investments continuing after the deal is done?

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