Webinar: Counter Terrorist Financing: Finding the Needle in the Haystack

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Terrorism risk has evolved – but have financial institutions kept up?

Terrorist activities are increasingly carried out by individuals who transact small sums of money, making them extremely difficult to find. This webinar provides practical guidance on the steps AML professionals can take to proactively identify and prevent terrorist financing.

Key Themes:

  • How terrorists move funds: through the formal financial system & beyond
  • AML regulatory response: has it kept pace with the threat?
  • Risk assessment: how to assess risk in your organisation?
  • Prevention: of terrorist financing by utilising network analysis, AI & more
  • Detection: of terrorist financing – including data analytics, typologies & training



    Samar Pratt, Managing Director

Samar Pratt is a Managing Director based in Exiger's London office, where she focuses on the firm's financial crime compliance audit and assurance practice. With over two decades of experience, Samar brings a trong understanding of the regulatory environment and current drivers within financial services to the Exiger team.

    Brandon Daniels, President, Exiger Analytics

Brandon Daniels

Brandon Daniels is Managing Director and President of Exiger Analytics. He leads Exiger’s Analytics division, overseeing the development and execution of data-driven solutions and services. A regulatory expert and technology practitioner, Mr. Daniels brings more than 15 years in senior management across the financial services, life sciences and energy sectors. He has a reputation for technological innovation in regulatory investigations and compliance management.

    Dayna Bordin, EMEA Deputy Head of Financial Crime Compliance

Dayna is an Associate Managing Director and EMEA Deputy Head of Financial Crime Compliance based in Exiger’s London office, where she focuses on the firm’s financial crimes compliance and investigative operations. A specialist in anti-money laundering (AML), Dayna brings extensive corporate and criminal investigation experience to the Exiger team.

    Vladimir Petrov, Associate Director

Vladimir Petrov is an Associate Director based in Exiger’s London office, where he focuses on the firm’s regulatory and financial crime compliance advisory practice.

About Exiger  

Exiger is a global regulatory and financial crime, risk and compliance company. Exiger arms financial institutions, multinational corporations and governmental agencies with the practical advice and technology solutions they need to prevent compliance breaches, respond to risk, remediate major issues and monitor ongoing business activities. Exiger works with clients worldwide to assist them in effectively managing their critical challenges while developing and implementing the policies, procedures and programs needed to create a sustainable compliance environment. A global authority on regulatory compliance, the company also oversees some of the world's most complex court-appointed and voluntary monitorships in the private and public sectors, including the monitorship of HSBC. Exiger has four principal business units being: Exiger Advisory; Exiger Analytics, including DDIQ, the groundbreaking cognitive computing and intelligent search platform; Exiger Diligence and Exiger Insight 3PM. Exiger operates through offices in New York City, Silver Spring (DC Metro), Miami, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Toronto, and Vancouver.