Outpace Supply Chain Disruption with Proactive Intelligence

Whether you are manufacturing yoga pants or missile defense systems, you’re grappling with complex supply chains. The data is quickly multiplying, but it’s often inconsistent and always overwhelming.


Get ready to transition from alert overload to operational relevance. Exiger created Proactive Intelligence to bridge the large gap between current third-party and supply chain data and the insights necessary to propel our customers further along the decision-making curve.

Transform Your Supplier Decision Paradigm

Progress from a morass of supplier and market information to pinpoint intelligence on value chain dependencies, future chokepoints and strategic operational opportunities.



Get accurate, complete and up-to-date vendor information, ensuring irrelevant or conflicting data doesn’t affect your risk decisions.

Streamline and accelerate your compliance and investigation timelines.



Illuminate all connected parties, dependencies and vulnerabilities in your supplier network to prioritize the most vulnerable and the most important.

Don’t get lost in supplier risk. Focus your resources where it will matter for your organization.



Understand how an individual event, a market shift or a material shortage – from natural disasters to geopolitical conflicts to forced labor enforcement – will impact your operations.

See the forest and the trees. Predict the impacts of supply chain disruption or value chain competition before they unfold.


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“Today, people are just delivering data. And what we’re doing is moving data to insight. But the next step of that is insight to answers. It’s insight to impact.”

— Brandon Daniels, Chief Executive Officer at Exiger
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What You Need to Know – and Nothing More – for Supply Chain Resilience

Move from data to insight…to answers. Our proprietary risk model and AI cuts through the noise.

Enhancing data consistency, quality, and recency by consolidating disparate sources into a single, defensible source of truth for effective planning, analysis, and risk mitigation.

Provides proactive data to highlight compliance risks including conflict minerals, deforestation, modern slavery, and more.

“We’re giving the answers and recommendations you need to make a risk-based decision so that you can identify a backup supplier to one that has direct ties to things like forced labor or they’re in a high-risk region that might potentially have disruptions.”

— Mary B. Luciano, Vice President, Head of North America Delivery and Proactive Intelligence at Exiger

“A lot of what our competitors are providing is data. And so what we’re doing is putting relevance to that data. We know what our customers need to leverage to answer their questions. And at the end of the day, they just want to know: Why do I care? Why do I need to understand the risk that is posed by this particular supplier? And a lot of that can be easily simplified by timely, accurate information.”
— Mary B. Luciano, Vice President, Head of North America Delivery and Proactive Intelligence at Exiger

Get the Insight You Need to Achieve Impact

Filter through all the unnecessary noise in your data. Get data that’s validated continuously and discover how your nth-tier associations impact you from a risk, compliance, and regulatory perspective. Map your supply chain against regulations, jurisdictions, and associated areas of industry to get insight on how different global events impact you upstream.

Proactive Intelligence provides the insight you need to achieve impact for your organization.

Get the Insight You Need to Achieve Impact

As part of the 1Exiger platform, Proactive Intelligence enhances the visibility and management of risks, issues, and complexities across the entire supply chain.

It empowers major corporations and governments with advanced predictive risk analytics, complete and accurate supplier data, and insights into supply chain crises – from natural disasters to infrastructure failures and geopolitical conflicts – in real-time.

The result is actionable intelligence that can increase the speed of procurement and drive a competitive advantage.


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