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TPRM & SCRM Maturity Assessment

The Exiger Third Party & Supply Chain Risk Management Maturity Model is designed to help managers assess their organization's capabilities with respect to managing supply chain risk.


The Maturity Model allows a self-assessment of your third party risk management (TPRM) and supply chain risk management (SCRM) capabilities across four categories:

  • Governance, Resources and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Supply Chain Transparency and Technology
  • Risk Methodology
  • Evaluation and Uplift



Each facet is assessed on a five-stage rating scale:

  • Stage 0 - REACTIVE - fragmented program that responds to events as they occur
  • Stage 1  - AWAKENED - risk program structure evolving with risk owners identified
  • Stage 2  - PROGRESSIVE - established risk strategy and governance
  • Stage 3  - PROACTIVE - established program with proactive risk sensing
  • Stage 4  - PREDICTIVE - anticipatory posture and predictive resilience models


The model is easy to use and produces an output chart that highlights the overall capability of your organization to manage third party and supply chain risks.


We hope you find this to be a valuable tool for understanding your risk management capabilities and areas for potential improvement.


There are 17 questions in total, across the four categories explained above.


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About the TRADES Framework


The 6 Framework Pillars

  • – Transparency of Current State
  • – Risk Methodology Design
  • –  Assess Current Risks
  • – Determine Mitigations
  • –  Evaluate Framework Uplift
  • S – Supplier Monitoring