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Know Your Customer & Third Party Diligence

Powered by DDIQ, our approach to due diligence gives you the risk information you need to make confident decisions . . . fast. 

Customers & third party relationships are essential to growing your company. Evaluating them is essential to protecting it.

As a business expands, its customer base and third party partnerships increase in number and complexity nearly as quickly as the regulatory requirements that govern them. With award-winning technology to manage this risk vector efficiently and a team of experienced research analysts to give you the insights you need to prioritize your time and resources effectively, Exiger is here to help you manage risk and keep your teams focused on growing business.

Powering your business decisions with speed and transparency because finding risk is our business.

Whether you are onboarding new customers, refreshing an existing KYC file or considering a third party partnership, Exiger is reimagining all due diligence. With a team of experienced analysts who understand the pressures you are under, Exiger’s technology-enabled solutions are designed to help onboarding and compliance teams find risk fast to keep your business safe and moving forward.


Quickly identifying and organizing risk, DDIQ eliminates the ‘swivel chair’ effect giving our analysts an edge in desktop research unmatched in the industry.


Our risk reports are designed specifically to meet the needs of your inquiry. We identify risk clearly and our experienced multi-national research team is available to provide context and understanding of the risks raised in findings.


As risk factors change and new information emerges, our monitoring solutions help companies maintain confidence in their most critical customers and third party relationships by flagging any risks that may require further review.


This Is NOT One Size Fits All Diligence

Exiger has managed risk for financial institutions and companies of all sizes across industries and across sectors. Our broad spectrum of due diligence includes a suite of products ranging from real-time DDIQ profiles of a single entity to boots-on-the-ground source inquiries. Whether you are just starting up a program in an emerging market or looking to improve your existing one in an established market, Exiger can help.

A Global Network of Discreet Local Researchers

We are where you need us to be. Exiger has a global network of discreet sources including experience in hard-to-access emerging markets and languages. Our dedicated teams cover nearly 60 languages, making our ability to conduct interviews in the native language unparalleled.

third parties

How safe are your business relationships?

Your company’s reputation depends on how well you manage your third party risks. From onboarding and vetting to ongoing monitoring, Exiger’s Insight 3PM and experienced analysts provide the best information possible so you can make critical business decisions with confidence.

Insight 3PM Saved a Top 5 Multinational Hospitality Group $1M+ in Due Diligence Costs Per Year

In addition to the due diligence savings, Exiger accelerated their speed to onboard a third party by 80%.

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