On Wednesday, April 27th French telecom companies reported an apparent large-scale coordinated attack. Pictures show neatly trimmed fiber optic cables dug up from underground behind what appears to be a well-hidden grate. This led to extensive interrupted internet service in the country and shockwaves amongst global intelligence communities.

Fiber Optic Cable
PHOTO: Free network via Twitter

Critical infrastructure like fiber optic cables can become victims of cyberwarfare. Specifically, these cables are not easy to protect from sabotage given the high number of them. Cyberscoop called on Exiger’s Bob Kolasky to comment on the latest cyberattack this year:

Given what’s going on with the larger conflict with Russia, you have to be a little bit paranoid this is a case of Russian aggression … Events like this will get the attention of the White House and the agency and security professionals because we’re just worried about escalation potentially affecting critical infrastructure.

Bob Kolasky

To learn more about the fiber optic cyberattack, click below:

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