Brendan Galla Named ‘Top 25 RegTech Executive 2021’

The Financial Technology Report has announced The Top 25 RegTech Executives of 2021. As entrepreneurs and executives, these exceptional leaders were selected from a vast pool of nominees for their ability to provide some of the most advanced solutions on the market while guiding and scaling their organizations. They have employed sophisticated technology inclusive of AI, machine learning, big data, and cloud computing to effectively combat data breaches, cyberattacks, money laundering, and other fraudulent activities.

The regulatory technology sector continues to grow in significance given the now widespread use of digital financial services. As the business community shifts in concert to the cloud, governments and regulatory bodies have increased scrutiny over how financial institutions are safeguarding their operations and protecting the customers they serve. The companies represented on this year’s awards list are helping to lead key segments of the financial services industry towards greater security and in turn enabling the further advancement of financial technology as a whole both domestically and globally.

Brendan Galla
President, Exiger Tech

As President of Exiger Tech, Brendan Galla is responsible for driving Exiger’s mission to create the world’s most extensible due diligence technology platform. Galla directs the strategic vision and product roadmap that have seen Exiger’s award-winning DDIQ proliferate compliance and risk management efforts globally. Having been at the leading-edge of regtech for the past 15+ years, at each stage of his career Galla has been responsible for identifying client problems, envisioning how technology can help, and designing purpose-built solutions for financial institutions, corporations, and governments.

Prior to being President of Exiger Tech, Galla was Exiger’s chief product officer, bridging customer and technical roles. He first joined Exiger as VP of partner development, leading the simultaneous development of DDIQ and Insight3PM, Exiger’s corporate third-party risk management platform. Before Exiger, Galla was the director of product management at SiteCompli. He was also the director of client technologies at Kroll and a product manager for Alacra. Galla earned his degree from Stonehill College.

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