Cheddar News: Brandon Daniels on Supply Chain Disruption

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Supply Chain Disruption . . . New Normal? The Covid-19 pandemic, cyberattacks & climate change have brewed a perfect storm of recent supply chain disruption causing an alarming $4 trillion in revenue to “evaporate”, according to a recent GEP-Commissioned Survey Of US & European Biz chiefs.

Cheddar News primetime calls on supply chain risk management expert Exiger’s Brandon Daniels to understand how government can better partner with businesses to ‘disrupt’ this cascade of supply chain disruption:

Government needs to ensure that industry has the tools they need to gain visibility into their supply chains. It’s not good enough to know who you’re doing business with, you need to know who they’re buying from so you can spot bottlenecks in the future. We also need government reform to ensure diverse supply chains . . . one glitch, one fire, disrupts a whole supply chain today — that’s an untenable situation.

Brandon Daniels, President of Global Markets, Exiger

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