Supply Chain Defense: Fortifying Healthcare Against Interlinked Supply Chain Threats

The consequences of failure in healthcare are the greatest that any organization could face. The healthcare sector subsumes many other sectors, and the threat of supply chain exploitation is ever-present. Healthcare delivery organizations of all sizes still struggle with the basics of third-party risk and supply chain risk management: visibility into supplier inventory, linking supply chain risk to patient impact, and integrating enterprise supply chain management with procurement and contracting functions.

Additionally, significant capability and budget gaps compound a lack of automation, time and cost to risk assess vendors and absence of foundational supply chain risk management processes.

Join Exiger healthcare supply chain experts and a Forrester analyst guest speaker for a healthcare-focused conversation on the trends and use cases shaping supply chains. 




  • Alla Valente, Guest Speaker, Senior Research Analyst, Forrester
  • Erika Peters, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Innovation and Operations, Exiger
  • Munish Walther-Puri, Senior Director of Critical Infrastructure, Exiger

This webinar will explore how under-resourced health care organizations can leverage technology for assessing risk of suppliers and third-party service partners, minimize exposure from weak cyber hygiene of suppliers, and ensure safety in the technology that supports caregiving, from medical devices to pharmaceutical manufacturing to operational technology. Attendees will leave with a clear plan in managing the nexus of supply chain and cyber risk within the healthcare industry.


Healthcare Supply Chain Expert Panel

Alla Valente

Senior Analyst

Security and Risk


Erika Peters

Erika Peters

Senior Vice President

Global Head of Innovation and Operations


Munish Walther-Puri

Senior Director

Critical Infrastructure


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