LegalTech News: Exiger Receives $80 Million Minority Investment in Bid to Expand Regtech Offerings

With Carrick Capital Partner’s $80 million minority investment, Exiger has set its sights on expanding its regulation technology (regtech) offerings. 

The investment will give Exiger the ability to acquire larger tech companies and their products, effectively accelerating Exiger’s growth in the regtech space. Currently, Exiger has three core product offerings- Insight 3PM, Risk360, and DDIQ. “Our focus is really on enhancing and accelerating the sales of our existing products, which may mean adding new product opportunities that align with what we are doing already,” Exiger’s President and CEO Michael Beber said. 

Although several technology companies, including eDiscovery companies, are also breaking into the market, the Exiger team remains confident in what differentiates them from the competition—subject-matter expertise. As Exiger expands its technology product offerings, there will be a continued emphasis on developing purpose-built technology informed by Exiger’s own regulatory compliance experts. Beber explains that while there are “technology companies out there that are pursuing some of the same areas we are, their technology has not been trained by those who make their living everyday doing financial crime compliance.” 

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