Exiger Risk 360 enables centralized administration of enterprise-wide and targeted risk assessments in a flexible, auditable, user-friendly platform for administrators, assessors, approvers and reviewers.



Centralized risk assessment administration and document collection. 

Web-Based. Flexible. Auditable. Secure.


Platform Benefits

Consistent & Auditable

Ability to reference or reuse components of an assessment year over year helps ensure consistency of approach, methodology, and results.

Centralized Communication Channel

Internal email communications about the risk assessment process, include managing assessment completion, requesting additional information and sharing results.

Centralized Data Storage

Replace error-prone manual data entry and document collection with centralized collection mechanisms and a consolidated data storage facility.


Spreadsheet-based risk assessments are fraught with logistical challenges, including the high probability of introducing errors into risk assessment processes and results. Web-based administration allows for transparency of process and methodology, and permits building new risk assessment models to support targeted assessments.


Customize each risk assessment with unique questionnaires, user profiles, workflows, organizational structures, methodologies and reporting.


The content-agnostic risk assessment platform means all control functions (Compliance, Legal, Finance, Audit, Risk) can use the same platform to build, launch and administer their tailored risk assessments.

System Features

Configure Organizational Structures

Each risk assessment can have its own perspective on your organization. Intuitive, hands-on organizational structure builder lets you shape your view of the organization distinctly for each risk assessment.

Import & Configure Questionnaires

Spreadsheet or table-based questionnaires can be uploaded in the system and structured to replicate existing spreadsheet risk assessment model in a web-based environment.

Add & Configure Users

Control user access to the Risk Assessment platform while leveraging the custom ability to control visibility between assessments and questionnaires. Assign roles and responsibilities per risk assessment, with different permissions options available for each risk assessment.


The system’s virtual testing environment allows you to modify and run iterations of existing risk assessments in a test situation to determine the impact of changes to question structure, sequencing, methodology or scoring.

Internal Communication Capabilities

The secure system facilitates auditable internal communications as well as a notification system. Communications that flows between assessors, approvers and administrators are supported, tracked and searchable.

Simultaneously Run Multiple Risk Assessments

Leverage the centralized risk assessment tool to distribute, execute and score multiple assessments at the same time.

Transfer Answers & Data Between Risk Assessments

Configure new assessments to incorporate legacy data from previously completed assessments to perform validation exercises and avoid redundant data collection efforts.

Reporting Capabilities

Produce and export customized graphics and data sets for both process administration and reporting assessment results. Reporting capabilities help you manage assessment launches, track approvals flows and report results.


Easily install Microsoft stack-based system behind your firewall to ease data, security & privacy concerns.

Case Studies

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Is your organization's risk assessment process dynamic or stagnant? An effective risk assessment process is dynamic and continuous. 

Contents of a Fit-For-Purpose Risk Assessment

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Evolution of an AML Risk Assessment

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