Exiger Helps Safeguard Sensitive Research

Exiger’s Bibliometric Illumination capabilities rapidly spot malign and unwanted influence networks involving research institutions and institutions of higher education. By identifying foreign talent acquisition programs at home and abroad, Exiger can trace foreign influence networks, one-way tech transfer paths and risks to USG-funded research and highlight what IP, PEO or other emerging technology has been put at risk and by whom.

In support of Section 1286 of the FY19 NDAA and the White House’s Guidance for Implementing National Security Presidential Memorandum 33 (NSPM-33), Exiger can help identify, trace back and protect against influence campaigns from foreign talent acquisition programs attempting to undermine or illicitly transfer USG-funded sensitive research information.

An  Illumination is an analytical assessment of related individuals or entities, intended to map supply chain risks and provide clients with situational awareness to enable investigations or programs.

Bibliometrics are statistical methods for analyzing impacts of publications, including the analysis of networks of co-authors.

Our platform’s research capabilities can combine both approaches to provide an unparalleled view into identifying risk concerns for national and economic security.

Bibliometrics Illuminations are useful for answering several specific questions such as:

  • What universities, laboratories and authors do we fund who are co-authoring with potential foreign agents?
  • Where is my intellectual property at risk?
  • Who is co-authoring with known Thousand Talents participants, and possibly exporting sensitive or proprietary technical knowledge?
  • Who is researching heavily into a specific (or competing) technology sector?
  • Are we compliant with regulations to not fund prohibited entities or persons?
  • What technological areas are adversaries seeking to explore and expand?
  • Are individuals associated with my company or university publishing on potentially sensitive technologies with foreign partners such that they may require deemed export authorization?

Bibliometric Illuminations enable rapid identification of institutional exposure to bad actors.

Exiger visualizes the research networks that may threaten or otherwise influence USG-funded and high-value proprietary commercial R&D activities. With our platform’s integrated access to thousands of data sources — connecting data such as authors and researchers, affiliated organizations and funding sources — extensive network relationships can be rapidly generated. This can be focused on specific technology or research sectors.

Use Cases

  • Identify adversarial influence in global research and development, scientific and technological communities
  • Identify industrial espionage risks
  • Identify when client IP, funding or tech is being collected by or transferred to high-risk countries
  • Tech transfer response/risk mitigation
  • Identify when a country suddenly stops publishing about a sensitive topic

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