Coming in Conflict with China: A Podcast Series with Brandon Daniels and Tom Fox


In the short span of the 21st Century, the world’s two top powers, the United States and China, have moved inexplicably toward a showdown. This evolved from a commercial competition into something more akin to permanent non-kinetic warfare. What does this mean for US business doing business in and with China?

In this special 5-part podcast post series, Tom Fox and Brandon Daniels, CEO of Exiger, a global leading third-party and supply chain management software company, explore issues diverse as a real danger, supply chain, exports, cyber-attacks, and IP theft from the business perspective. He also gives the compliance and business executive their viewpoints on what you can do to not only prepare your company, but protect it as well.

Episode 1: From Potential Conflict to Real Danger

Are your relationships headed toward conflict or real danger? Find out in this first episode of this special 5-part podcast series. In this series, Tom is joined by Brandon Daniels, an advocate for free markets and democracy, and is passionate about providing transparency to the global corporate ecosystem. As this podcast series was being recorded, Chinese authorities arrested employees of the Mintz Group in Beijing. The Mintz Group is a well-known and well-respected international investigations firm. This is one more step in the increasing opacity of the Chinese market. They consider the economic battle being lost to Chinese companies due to their coercive tactics. How do cheap bids pose national security risks? Explore these topics and more in this episode.


Episode 2: Supply Chain Issues

Obviously, the issues around Uyghur forced labor in China are an important consideration for all American businesses with supply chains in China. While that issue focuses on human rights, it is also a wider world economic issue that requires a business solution. The key is to diversify the supply of goods, investing in other countries’ manufacturing capabilities to ensure that human rights abuses do not go unchecked.


Episode 3: Exports and Rebalancing the Global Economy

The US-China conflict is intensifying, and as a result, businesses that export to China are feeling the strain. US companies exported nearly $149 billion worth of goods to China, but China still exports over $400 billion to the US. Do these trade deficits still matter? What happens when your biggest customer is no longer available? How do you go about finding new markets and reshoring customers? Join us as we explore this and other export issues in Part 3 of this special five-part series.


Episode 4: Cyber Spying and IP Theft

What are China’s aggressive tactics in stealing intellectual property from countries all over the world? Through intelligence gathering, academic partnerships, and supply chain buyouts, China has managed to copy and counterfeit American business products and other technologies. Companies must harden their defenses and refuse to stand for IP theft by using the Rule of Law to take a stand against the theft of US intellectual property. Through a concerted effort, companies can fight back and reclaim their assets.


Episode 5: Good Compliance is Good Business

After uncovering a “constellation of disconnected issues” that are actually interconnected, Brandon Daniels must use regulation, funding and evangelism to incentivize public markets, combat the cyber threat and prevent conflict with China in order to protect national security. We discuss the importance of good compliance to good business; explore the government’s role in regulating cyber security, funding infrastructure upgrades, and incentivizing public markets and the role of businessmen and thought leaders. He also noted how conflicts with China can put companies out of business and the essential role of compliance in weathering the storm. His ultimate conclusion was that “good compliance is good business.”


About Tom Fox

Tom Fox is the Voice of Compliance, having founded the only podcast network in compliance, the award-winning Compliance Podcast Network. It currently has 60 podcasts. Tom has won multiple awards for podcast hosting and producing and was recently honored with a Webby for his series Looking Back on 9/11. He is also an executive leader at the C-Suite Network, the world’s most trusted network of C-Suite leaders. Tom is also the co-founder of the Texas Hill Country Podcast Network.

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