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In the onslaught of threats that global supply chains face every day, Exiger is your powerful ally helping organizations to save money, eradicate human trafficking, achieve net zero, and guard against cyber attacks.

Prevent cyber risk. Achieve compliance. Put an end to forced labor. Save your company millions. And get promoted to office hero.


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Exiger is trusted by 150 Fortune 500 companies and over 50 federal agencies. Exiger’s work has been recognized by 40+ AI, RegTech and Supply Chain partner awards — the most recent being the 2024 TPRM Service Provider Innovation Award from the Third Party Risk Association (TPRA). As Forbes has reported: Exiger Has Taken the Supply Chain Risk Market by Storm, and Fast Company called us a 2023 Brand That Matters.

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Powerful Technology Backed by Expertise

The award-winning AI that powers 1Exiger to deliver end-to-end supply chain transparency helps stakeholders detect and mitigate risk, as well as make informed decisions to boost long-term cost savings and resilience. The experts who help build Exiger’s solutions also share useful insights that are developed into shareable resources that can fortify your awareness of the many risks that lurk in supply chains. Here are a few examples:

Empower Your Supply Chain and Risk Professionals with AI

Learn how 1Exiger, our first-of-its-kind, end-to-end supply chain platform, is empowering procurement, risk, compliance and supply chain professionals to harness advanced AI to help you save the day.

Seamless. Scalable. Secure.

The Exiger Technology Platform

Visibility, compliance, and efficiency are the pillars of a resilient supply chain. 1Exiger, our integrated technology platform, leverages advanced AI and real-time analytics to provide end-to-end visibility, enabling businesses to anticipate disruptions, assess risks, and seize opportunities with unprecedented precision.

Exiger launches Proactive Intelligence

Exiger’s new Proactive Intelligence empowers organizations with advanced predictive risk analytics, accurate supplier data, and insights into supply chain crises as they arise. This capability allows customers to prioritize the insights and make quick, informed decisions to maintain continuity of supply and improve resilience. Learn how Proactive Intelligence can transform your supply chain risk management efforts.

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