Top 10 Supply Chain Solution Provider of 2021

Aspioneer Magazine names Exiger a Top 10 Supply Chain Solution Provider with a Cover Profile on Exiger President Brandon Daniels

Exiger: Supply Chain Risk Management Redefined.

Supply chains determine the efficient distribution of goods and services across national and international networks to minimize waste, maximize profits, and provide consumers with the highest quality products and solutions. Today’s supply chains have evolved into complex interconnected links spanning the globe, from the smallest material suppliers to the largest manufacturers. It is so vast that identifying and comprehending the scope of a supply chain to eliminate unforeseen risks has become a mammoth task for both private entities and governments.


Supply Chain Risk Management in itself has emerged to be a multi-faceted and dynamic landscape of risk vectors and opportunities that must consistently be assessed and constantly updated to reflect the ever-changing geopolitical landscape. Any mismanaged entity in a supply chain can lead to wasted labor, service redundancy, and missed deadlines that result in significant costs for the manufacturers. 


While supply chain management has long been a disruptive industry with scores of companies across the world creating solutions to identify and eliminate threats, one company has emerged as a leader in this area. Founded in 2013, Exiger and its President Brandon Daniels are arming companies and governments with the next generation of artificial intelligence-driven, flexible digital supply chain solutions. This path-breaking innovation is designed specifically to empower organizations to take ownership of their entire supplier exposure story in order to have the visibility they need to make informed decisions, all based on comprehensive real-time data. 


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