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EarthEx2022: Global Cyber & EMP Strike

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Presented by the EIS Council: By special arrangement, senior security and cyber directors, including Exiger’s Bob Kolasky, come together from around the world for the 1st ever “Cyber and EMP Strike” online exercise. They comprise as some of the world’s most respected, senior security directors who consider our civilization’s growing risk, and options to manage it.

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About the EIS Council

EIS Council’s staff includes former state emergency managers, industry leaders, and government officials, and partners with critical utilities and infrastructures, academic institutions, technology providers, and volunteer organizations around the world. EIS Council’s founder comes from the US aerospace industry. His close work with NATO, the US, UK, and Israeli governments made him acutely aware of the global scale risks of fast-growing interdependencies and the unique role an agile non-government organization could play in helping to foster global preparedness. EIS Council was founded in 2009, and shortly after held its first international summit. It was set up to help bridge resilience gaps for hazards on all scales, including potential large-scale global catastrophes. The Council has offices in Washington D.C., London, and Tel Aviv.

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