National Security Focus on the Supply Chain: Exploring the Impact of New Regulations for Detecting and Addressing Risk

New regulations issued by the U.S. government focus on security threats and supply chain issues across a growing landscape of industry verticals.

These regulations include EO 14017 (Securing America’s Supply Chains), EO 13873 (Securing the Information and Communications Technology and Services Supply Chain), the BIS Interim Rule (Expansion of Certain End-Use and End-User Controls and Controls on Specific Activities of U.S. Persons), NDAA Section 889 and the military end-use / end-user rule.

To address these regulations, new investments and capabilities are needed by industry leaders to identify, assess and manage risk.

In this session in partnership with Exiger, Kharon is joined by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and industry professionals to provide an overview of regulatory requirements and expectations and discuss best practices for understanding and securing the supply chain. The session addresses the following topics:

  • Executive Order on America’s Supply Chains – key takeaways and likely implications of the 100-day supply chain reviews and sectoral supply chain assessments
  • Expanding Supply Chain Coverage – the impact of recent regulations addressing broader supply chain matters across government, and how these rules will be used and possibly expanded to include other industry verticals
  • Military End-Use and End-User (MEU) – key due diligence challenges and how the new administration is expanding the rule to include new companies and jurisdictions


  • Supervisory Special Agent Matthew J. Halvorsen, Strategic Program Manager for Supply Chain & Cyber Directorate (SCCD), National Counterintelligence Cyber Directorate, National Counterintelligence and Security Center, Office of the Director of National Intelligence 
  • Martijn Rasser, Senior Fellow, Technology and National Security Program, Center for a New American Security (CNAS) 
  • Brandon Daniels, President – Global Markets, Exiger
  • Kit Conklin, Director – Global Client Engagement, Kharon
  • Howard Mendelsohn, Chief Client Officer, Kharon
  • Joshua Shrager, Senior Vice President, Kharon
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