Samar Pratt to Speak at the 39th Annual CIDOEC

The Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime (CIDOEC) first convened nearly 40 years ago. This was a result of widespread concern that both the development and the integrity of the global financial system were at risk from those who engage in economically motivated crime, and those who would assist them.

From the very beginning it has been their mission to bring together anyone who has a responsibility to prevent and inhibit such abuse–no matter their background–to better understand the threats and to facilitate co-operation and collaboration in protecting all our economies and societies. The Cambridge symposium has, over the years, grown into a unique international platform that makes a real difference to the control of economically relevant crime and misconduct across the world.

Join Exiger’s Samar Pratt at Jesus College in Cambridge for the two following panels within their Financial Services programme:

Session 10: Trust and Integrity in Business
Friday, September 9 | 8:00 BST


Session 3 (Alternate Program): The Limits of Compliance – How Can We Better Deal with Misconduct that Undermines Trust?
Friday, September 9 | 14:00 BST

For more information on the CIDOEC, view the full itinerary here.

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