Theresa Campobasso to Speak at PMMC 2023

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Exiger is excited to attend this year’s Parts and Material Management Conference (PMMC) to join efforts in sustainable systems through DMSMS and parts management excellence.

In 2020, DoDI 4245.15, DoD DMSMS Management was published, which is the first DoD DMSMS instruction in more than 40 years. This conference will provide new information to successfully meet those requirements, current happenings within the DMSMS community and address questions.

Exiger is excited to contribute our input on improving DMSMS and parts management through our expertise and technological offerings for supply chain illumination. You can find us at Booth #27 and can reach out to us to demo our platform capabilities below:

In the spirit of sharing best practices with our colleagues, our Vice President and Global Head of Defense, Theresa Campobasso, will also be providing a Concurrent Session on SCRM at PMMC:

Supply Chain Awareness: A Practical Guide to Supply Chain Illumination

Wednesday, February 8th | 8:00 – 9:00 AM

In this session we will focus on explaining the three biggest pitfalls that both public and private organizations encounter when attempting to “illuminate” their network of sub-tier suppliers or third parties in order to assess SCRM risks and prevent future disruption or compromise.



Organizations typically do a great job of engaging their direct suppliers, but programs fall short because programs don’t understand all the different entities that make up a supply chain.



Even when organizations do understand that the SCRM ecosystem isn’t just limited to their direct third parties, they still fall short of uncovering the hidden risks in their programs.



Organizations fail to account for both their physical and their digital supply chain (or “software supply chain”). 

By the end of the session the audience will be able to identify these pitfalls, understand why avoiding them is crucial to an effective SCRM program, and learn what steps they can immediately take to ensure that their own SCRM programs aren’t in danger of making these costly mistakes. 


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